Florida is home to many bugs and pests, ranging from exotic-looking dragonflies, lizards, and frogs to spiders, flies, and mosquitos. Thanks to the subtropical climate and humid weather in South Florida, the many types of insects and wildlife that live there are active year-round. Some of the worst bugs and pests in Florida are either venomous or spread disease, including scorpions, ticks, spiders, bed bugs, toads, and cockroaches. Because pest control is an ongoing issue in Florida, implementing a pest control plan is essential to maintain your home, property, and peace of mind. 


Dealing With Mosquitos

Mosquitos are a constant nuisance in Florida thanks to the humid climate. Although you can spray insect repellent to keep these bloodsuckers at bay, there is no substitute for professional mosquito control. Mosquito bites can cause allergic reactions and spread serious illnesses such as Yellow Fever and the West Nile Virus. Because mosquitos are so widespread, mosquito control is implemented by each Florida county to minimize the health hazard associated with them. Although this county-wide mosquito control is helpful, homeowners still need to be responsible for their own mosquito control. Mosquito eggs can hatch on water or damp soil, making almost any property in South Florida an inviting place for mosquito populations.



Battling Bufo Toads

Although there are many kinds of harmless toads in Florida, Bufo toads are not one of them. Also known as Giant toads, Bufo toads are an invasive and poisonous toad species that can also breed in large quantities. Bufo toads secrete a toxic milky substance that causes skin irritation and can kill animals such as dogs, cats, and bunny rabbits. Bufo toads can be found everywhere from swimming pools to lawns and gardens, making them a hazard for household pets and a nuisance in general. Because bufo toads are so toxic, they need to be exterminated or removed from your property by professionals. 


what do termites Look Like


The Fight With Termites

Termites cause thousands of dollars in property damage every year. The humid climate in Florida is inviting for many species of termites, which makes termite control an ongoing concern.  These pests eat and burrow into wood, causing structural damage to homes, gazebos, sheds, and furniture. Termites need to be exterminated right away to prevent extensive damage to your property, but they can be hard to detect. A pest control professional will know what to look out for and can help identify areas around your home and property that are either showing signs of termite activity or are creating an inviting environment for termites, such as a leaky roof or poor drainage. 



Don’t Scuffle With A Scorpion

There are many big bugs in Florida, but not many are as big as the Florida bark scorpion. This scorpion can grow up to almost six inches long and is a natural predator of termites, spiders, and other bugs. Although its venom is not lethal, a bark scorpion sting can cause allergic reactions and serious discomfort. There are other kinds of more venomous scorpions in Florida, but they are smaller and harder to spot. It’s never a good idea to corner a scorpion or get too close to one because they will sting if they feel threatened. 


How We Can Help You

At Florida Environmental, we are pest control professionals with years of experience in West Palm Beach. Whether you are concerned about scorpions, mosquitos, toads, termites, or other common pests, our insect and pest control services can help you maintain a pest-free lifestyle year-round. Although there are many DIY options available, proper pest control that gets to the root of the problem often requires specialized equipment and the professional application of pesticides. If you are noticing signs of insect or pest activity in your home or on your property, contact us today.