If you find that you are habitually swatting away bugs and killing unwanted critters then it sounds like you are ready to take action! Florida pest control can be tricky because there a lot of variables to discover, but ultimately we seek to put you in control from information to “know how”. Are you ready to be pest free? Here are some ways some of the best Florida pest control services can help homeowners suffering from pest issues and the property damages they cause.

Natural Lawn Pest Control

It is no secret that some pest control products and pesticides are harmful to people and animals. You are going to want an exterminator that avoids the toxic effects of pest control products while still effectively taking care of you pest issues. By using natural lawn pest control products you will cut down on the harmful risks to yourself and to our planet. Traps and lures are one method of implementing an environmentally friendly critter control solution. Biopesticides also serve as a nice balance of freeing your home of pests while being environmentally conscious.

Eco Friendly Pest Control Solutions

We all live on this planet and should seek to make it a healthier experience, which is why choosing an eco friendly path is always recommended. An eco baiting system is our recommendation for a superb Florida pest control alternative. After a quick inspection, baits will be spread around damp areas of your home. Dry granules will be spread around the walls and higher areas of your home. After the process is complete a liquid barrier will be placed around the perimeter of the troubled pest areas to prevent more from coming in.

Mosquito Control

Do not let mosquitoes ruin your very carefully planned BBQ or late night porch-hang experience. A good exterminator will know how to free you up from pesky mosquito bites and all the diseases they carry with them. Contacting Florida Environmental Pest Management will get you started on a plan to remove this annoyance from your life. They will be able to identify your problem areas and give you advice such as removing standing water in order to prevent future mosquito infestations.

Wildlife Control

You should always exercise extreme caution when approaching unwanted wildlife on your property. Florida pest control experts will be able to assist you as they have the tools and capability to remove animal invaders safely for you and the animal. There have been amazing strides to the humane ways we trap and release animals in the last 50 years. Take the time to have someone come out for an extraction which eliminates the problem without the risk of challenging the potentially dangerous creature yourself.

Florida Environmental Pest Management is always available to help you with any of your Florida pest control needs. After making an appointment they will be able to assess your situation and deliver you a quote that is fair for a job they will execute professionally