Rats are often revered as loathsome and vile creatures that represent uncleanliness and disease. Even if you do not feel this way about rats you have to understand that without promptly initiating their “good riddance” you run a risk of these rodents breaking into your food and damaging electrical wiring. You might be wondering how to get rid of rats in house in a safe and efficient manner, but also in a humane way? The following are some examples of how to approach a rat infestation.

Rodent Inspection

So, you’ve spotted a rat; maybe even two. How do you know if you are facing a full blown infestation? There is no surer way than to schedule a rodent inspection, which can be done through a number of talented specialists at Florida Environmental Pest Management. They can identify where the rodents are situated in your home. This should be you first step to getting rid of rats in house. If you choose not to have an rat exterminator take action then once you have found the nest you can begin to set traps and set bait.

Eco Friendly Baiting Solutions

Eco friendly baiting solutions are an environmentally conscience way to take care of your rat issues without harming the environment. This is an ideal step when considering how to get rid of rats in house. After purchasing one of the rodent removal West Palm Beach bait boxes you can then decide whether to fill it with poison or opt for a more humane route. If you can manage to securely close open sources of food and trash then the rat is not going to get desperate and will be much more likely to fall into your trap.

Preventing Rat Infestations

The most practical way to prevent a rat infestation is to simply seal up all of the open sources of food you might have lying around your home. Properly closing your trash cans and recycling bins will also help prevent rats from getting access to your waste. Make sure you check your home for holes even as big as an inch will give rats the access they need to infest. Also, home remedies such as peppermint oil and cow dung have been known to repel the creatures.

Humane Rat Control

The best humane ways to get rid of rats in house is to stay away from harmful chemicals and poisons when tackling this issue. Using a rodent removal West Palm Beach bait box from Florida Environmental Pest Management is a fine way to capture a rat in order to release it humanely. If you are going to release the rat make sure you do it within 100 yards of your home or it will be confused by it’s surroundings and most likely die anyways.

By exercising your right to be humane while still eliminating rodents from your property you not only help yourself but you help the planet as well. It is a respectable way to get rid of rats in house. If you have further questions you can always contact a rodent removal specialist who would be happy to answer.