At Florida Environmental Pest Management, we believe that you can make your lawn greener as well as safer. In order for your lawn to look as green and lush as possible, it needs to be free of pests. Unfortunately, a lot of Florida lawn service companies use toxic products that aren’t good for the environment, or your lawn, to control a pest problem. We take a natural approach to pest control, and beautify your lawn and the planet at the same time.

Natural Lawn Pest Control

From grubs to fire ants, there are a wealth of pests that love to settle in and make themselves at home in lawns. Once those pests get settled in, they can wreck havoc on your lawn, and they can be dangerous to people and pets; especially fire ants, mosquitoes and ticks. While there are a lot of Florida lawn service companies that offer pest control services, many of them use toxic chemicals to curb the problem, which can cause extensive damage to your lawn and have the potential to be hazardous to people and animals. At Florida Environmental Pest Management, we use all-natural solutions to control lawn pests. All of the pest control products we use are natural and organic. That means that they are safe for your lawn, for the environment on a whole, and for all people and animals. However, just because our products are safe and natural, that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective; our pest control products deliver superior results, ridding your lawn of those pesky pests and beautifying it at the same time.

Lawn Fertilizers Service

The soil in Florida contains sand. This sand prevents the soil from retaining and storing nutrients, which directly impacts the quality of the plant life that grows in it, including lawns. In order for your lawn to be as green and lush as possible, nutrients have to be added to it on a regular basis. Our Florida lawn service only uses all-natural fertilizers to feed your lawn. Our products are organic and are derived from natural sources, making them a nutrient-rich, safe and effective option for feeding your lawn.

Ornamental & Citrus Plant Protection

At Florida Environmental Pest Management, we not only treat lawns for pests, but we also treat ornamental and citrus plants, too. The ornamental and citrus plants that grow in Florida are unique to the region, and are a part of what so many people love about Florida. Unfortunately, many pests love these plants, too. We use all-natural, organic lawn treatment products to treat lawn and ornamental diseases, ensuring that the safety or your plants isn’t compromised; as well as your own safety, too.

Florida Lawn Service

For the most effective and safest Florida lawn service possible, look no further than Florida Environmental Pest Management. We stand by the products we use and the services we offer, and we guarantee our results. For the most beautiful and healthiest landscape in Florida, contact us today!