Mice can not only be a problem while infesting your home, but also after. They leave behind urine and feces than can turn into harmful airborne particles. Deer mice are the most common cause of these airborne particles and can cause hantavirus. This dangerous virus is released when dried urine, saliva, or feces of certain rodents are disturbed. Rodent clean up services like Florida Environmental Pest Management can safely rid your home of toxic substances left behind by rodents. Continue reading for more information.

Rodents & Health Issues

Deer mice, rice rats, cotton rats, and white-footed mice are known to carry the hantavirus. Symptoms are similar to the common flu, but hantavirus must be treated immediately to avoid lung problems or death in certain instances.

Hantavirus can turn into hantavirus pulmonary syndrome as well as hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. These syndromes can cause fluid in the lungs and kidney problems. You must immediately seek medical attention if you think you have symptoms of either.

If you have a rodent problem contact one of your local rodent clean up services, like Florida Environmental Pest Management. They will be able to identify the species of rodents you are dealing with. Professionals are also able to safely clean up any remnants of pests.

Do not try to sweep or vacuum rodent feces or urine out of your home, this can lead to airborne particles being released. Always call in the professionals when deal with an infestation. They will make sure your home is properly cleaned and safe to live in.

How To Identify Rodent Droppings

Mouse droppings are spindle-shaped and about the same size as a grain of rice. These droppings can be found in walls, cupboards, and vents where the mice have been in your home. Most rodent feces are disease causing and must be disposed of properly.

Rodents and their excrements must only be handled by rodent clean up services who know the proper procedures for disposal of this toxic waste. They have plans in place to make sure the entire space is cleaned thoroughly in a manner that is not attainable by an amateur.

They air the entire home out before beginning. Once this is completed all infected surfaces are cleansed and debris is thrown away using non-absorbent gloves and proper OSHA approved respirator masks.

The many steps in this process are followed stringently by rodent clean up services well versed in the practice. Debris is disposed of in a safe fashion and your home will be restored to a safe living environment.

Cleaning Up Rodents Droppings

Nests, urine, and feces can all be left behind by rodents. It is important to clean all of the bi-products up once the rodents have been exterminated.

Rodents leave behind germs and diseases in things we can see such as excrement and nesting material, but they can also contaminate areas with their bodies and urine that are not as easily seen.

You must use rodent clean up services to reach all the dirty areas that have been contaminated by rodents. Florida Environmental Pest Management can identify problem areas by finding entry points and nest locations.

The rodent clean up services will use vacuums, remove rodent waste, and disinfect affected areas of your home. Waste will be disposed of properly, floors will be mopped to remove dangerous germs, and countertops will also be disinfected.

Rodent Clean Up Services

When choosing to have rodent clean up services performed on your home you must choose a company that is knowledgeable with a good reputation.

Some newer companies don’t have as much experience in rodent clean up services. This can be a problem for your family if they do not properly clean up and dispose of rodents and their remnants.

Florida Environmental Pest Control has been in business for more than thirty years. We can identify your rodent problem and solving it for you in a timely manner with top of the line disinfectants and safe cleaning processes.

Call Florida Environmental Pest Control today for a home consultation. We will address any current rodent activity and put a plan in place to rid your home of rodent debris if necessary. It is imperative for the health of your family that you take care of rodents in your home immediately.


How do professionals get rid of rodents?

Mice and rats hide in the most secretive corners of your home. They can be found between cracks in the walls, hidden corners under your bed, cupboard, and more. To get rid of them, pest control professionals will first have to lure them out using bait. They will set traps, use poisons, and more.

How do you know you need a rodent clean-up service?

Rodents leave droppings and urine everywhere in your house when they infest it, and that is one of the first signs of infestation before they start eating up soft materials. You will know you need rodent clean-up services before or after the extermination of these pests. You will find grain-sized rat poop in your cupboard, under your bed, and even in open food.

You will also find areas in your home with torn and damaged clothes used by these rodents to make their nests. You may discover areas of packed sand around holes in the wall or on the ground. You need an expert to help clean up the mess and use disinfectants to ensure that those droppings do not lead to infection for you, your kids and your pets.

How do you prevent the entry of rodents and pests after a clean-up service?

Rodents and many other pests will find their way into your home when they find food sources. The best way to prevent rodents from returning to your home after pest control is to ensure you have a clean home without food droppings and garbage lying around. You should also be proactive if you notice holes in your walls that may lead to an external opening. Cover all holes and clean your environment. Set outdoor traps to rid the entire environment of rats, and they will never make their way into your home.

The adverse effects of rodent droppings

Rodent droppings are the biggest causes of HPS. It is contracted when you breathe in rat droppings that contain Hantavirus. This virus is airborne and can be a significant risk for people with toddlers. Some symptoms of this virus include dizziness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pains, and diarrhea.

What is the best way to clean up rodent droppings?

Before cleaning up rodent droppings, ensure to have protected touch points as any contact with the droppings and your eyes, nostrils, or mouth can result in dangerous viruses.  Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands, and spray a disinfectant on and around the area where you can see the droppings. Allow the disinfectant to soak for 5 minutes, and wipe the urine and droppings until completely clean. Repeat this process a second time just to be sure.