Sure, none of us like pests. They can be a nuisance and often times they will ruin our landscaping and cause damage to our property. However, deep down none of us wish them physical harm and it should be our priority to exercise the most humane animal removal opportunities possible. It’s true, most of us have not given this much thought. But here are some surprising facts about humane animal removal to make you never use pesticides again.

Humane Animal Removal Services

It is really important to always go with a humane animal removal service above anything else so as not to harm these little critters. Since the 1980s, the “Critter Control” concept has pushed for environmentally friendly ways of extracting wildlife in order to catch and release them in a humane fashion. When using a humane animal removal service you are basically opting out of using poisonous pesticides that will effectively kill the animal.

Homeowner Safety & Risks

Harmful chemicals and pesticides not only pose a threat to the intended animal intruder, but they can also affect your health as well. Prolonged usage of pesticides especially when in contact for  an extended period of time could cause headaches and nausea. In more extreme cases users have contracted terminal illnesses such as cancer. Since many of the poisons and pesticides on the market are not biodegradable they will often show lasting effects on our environment.

Emergency Animal Removal

If you find yourself face to face with a dangerous or potentially life threatening animal, do not engage it. Call a certified animal removal technician immediately. They will know what to do and if they don’t they will know who to call. Your safety and the safety of those around you always take priority, so make sure you and your loved ones are safe. All humane animal removal practices are intended to serve both the animal as well as the person.

Types of Critter Removal

Florida is home to a robust variety of creatures both large and small. In a given year you will have interacted with hundreds of wild animals as nature is ever so prevalent being that far inland and close to the ocean. Smaller creatures such as squirrels, mice, rats and possums can be caught using an eco baiting device and released off-site. Larger animals such as raccoons, coyotes, and moles must be caught in a slightly more manual fashion and held off site to be released later into a designated wildlife area.

Knowing now how cheap and easy it is to maintain humane animal removal practices, the use of pesticides is simply impractical. Pesticides are potentially harmful to you, the environment and especially the animals they are intended to exterminate. The risk just isn’t worth it. Make sure and contact a professional at Florida Environmental Pest Management in order to schedule a technician visit if you are ever presented with an infestation.