Once you notice termites’ presence in your home or around the property, taking them out is crucial as they cause critical damages and destruction. Getting the treatment done could be a daunting task, but if done early, eradicating will be easy or more straightforward than if you do not immediately take action. Making Sure you are prepared for termites is important since you want to make sure everything is out of your house that may go bad or have issues during the fumigation.

When Is It Time For Termites Control?

Termites are active insects all year but prefer warmer climes. So, they forage away from their tunnels during spring and summer, searching for food and new habitats. Understanding the lifecycle and how various species of termites thrive is helpful in the development of a treatment plan. Anytime is the right time to control termites..

Cost of Termite Control

An average termite treatment cost could range from $200-$900 or $3-$16 per linear foot for liquid chemical treatments and go as high as $2500 for larger homes. Annual maintenance checks are required to detect termite presence early, which could cost about $100 and above. Bait stations cost between $8-$12 per linear foot as more visits, and regular checks are required. Termite tenting is a last resort for severe home infestations, costing $1200-$2500 or $5-$20 per linear foot. With gas fumigation treatments, expect to spend $10 to $20 per linear foot. 


swarm of termites

When To Return Home After Termite Treatment?

Due to the nature of chemicals and materials used in fumigation and tenting, evacuating the premises is necessary to keep the occupants safe and allow the termite control companies to work effectively. 

Depending on the treatment method used, you can return to the house within 24 hours to 60 hours of treatment. This allows the chemicals and gasses to settle down and completely dissipate. 

After returning to the residence, you should air it out and clean it thoroughly to prevent contamination. Clear the remains of the dead termites as this could attract other pests who want to feed on them. You should also wipe all hard surfaces with disinfectant to remove lingering chemicals. 

Termites constitute nuisance in homes and cause severe economic damages to properties. Keep an eye out for any termite, and once detected, call us to inspect your home.