Do you think your business does not need pest control? All commercial spaces are vulnerable to pests. Ranging from bed bugs that could invade hotels to roaches and mice infestation in offices, your business could also suffer from embarrassing pest infestation if care is not taken. Even if your business is set up in a new building, it’s still not safe from these unwanted visitors as there are several crevices and voids where they can be housed.

Pest infestation in commercial spaces could have significant effects on the business’s reputation and transactions as most customers are less likely to come back after pest sightings in an office. Also, health inspectors can fine a business hugely for allowing pest infestation which would impact the finances significantly. Additionally, employees’ and clients’ health are at stake while pests can also cause significant damage to property and inventory. Therefore, having a reliable commercial pest control system is important to avoid embarrassing pest problems.

How Commercial Pest Control Differs from Residential

Pest Control involves routine measures taken to keep unwanted pests out of both living and commercial spaces and if it is not done right, the infestation would persist. Pest control services are usually offered as residential or commercial. Both services are meant to keep pests far away from humans. However, it is important to know what sets them apart so you can make the right decision on the kind of service to choose from.

Turn Around Time

Commercial pest control has a faster turnaround than residential. Due to the business environment of commercial spaces, commercial pest control companies work faster to avoid shutting down the business for long periods as this could affect the company turnover. Although it would come at a higher cost, companies will be able to keep the business running in little time without the pests as opposed to residential pest control where a family might evacuate the house for days.


Commercial pest control companies are usually more experienced when dealing with pest infestations in commercial environments. They will also provide preventive measures to keep the pests out. Due to their vast experience in dealing with commercial spaces and diverse pests, these companies can determine the kind of pests that are likely to invade a business’ environment based on its location, season, and occupants.

Custom Approach To Each Account

Commercial pest control services offer custom approaches to different pest infestations. Most homes usually suffer from the same pest infestation problems like bed bugs, roaches, and mice so residential pest control usually uses the same approach in controlling them.

Flexibility Matters For Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial pest control services are more flexible. Typically, residential homes attract pests, like bed bugs or termites, due to the fabrics and food availability which are sweet spots for these pests. However, commercial spaces are usually faced with pest infestations from mice, termites and roaches which thrive in locations that are closer to business environments. This makes the treatment approach different and also gives the commercial pest control service providers a larger problem to deal with.

Commercial Pest Control Services Are Different in Florida

Living in Florida, we all know that we live with a wide range of different pests and rodents. A professional, local team in Florida has better knowledge of the common pests every business faces. Our team takes great care to make sure that your business is not overrun with rats, mice, or our famous cockroaches.

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Qualities To Look out For When Searching For Commercial Pest Control Companies

Although you can DIY pest control, this only works for small business spaces and it might not even be effective in keeping the pests out so hiring a professional pest control company is important. With several pest control companies flying around, it is important to make the right decision in selecting a pest controller company that will deliver effective and long-term treatment measures. Here are some qualities to look out for in a pest control company:

  1. The company should have years of experience and a loyal client base. Having these helps you know the company is legit and knows the business in and out. You can also rest assured that their years of experience will help them draft an effective treatment plan for the problem.
  2. The company should offer multiple treatments. If the company is offering a one-time treatment plan for the infestation, you should be careful as pest control requires recurrent treatment so the pests can be kept out permanently.
  3. Go for a company that is conscious of the impact of its treatment plans on the environment. A company that uses chemicals that are harmful to the environment and the beneficial occupants when treating pest infestations should be avoided.

Fortunately for you, Florida Environmental hits all three of these qualities!

Common Industries For Commercial Pest Control In Florida

Multiple industries require regular pest control. Here are some of the businesses that need regular pest control:


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Why Does Your Business Need Pest Control?

Pest infestations are very annoying and could put a business in an embarrassing position as pest sightings now go viral nowadays through social media and review sites. This puts the business in a negative public light and its effects could be hard to recover from. Don’t let the pests take control of your business. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.