There has been lots of news about the Zika Virus – especially with the rapid spreading of it through South America, but there has also been good news. Software genius Bill Gates has been reportedly putting money into fighting the Zika Virus and trying to stop it from being spread. The Zika Virus is passed on from the bite of a mosquito, and can even infect fetuses within an infected pregnant lady.

Zika Fever

Zika Fever is a disease that is caused by the Zika Virus. It’s infectious, and usually comes without symptoms, making it difficult to pinpoint and diagnose. When symptoms do show themselves, they often appear as mild and can be mistaken for other diseases. It is passed from mosquitoes to humans, and can go as far as infecting fetuses and causing problems at birth. It’s also much more serious for pregnant ladies than it is any other demographic. This is why trying to fighting the Zika Virus is so important.

It originally was discovered in Africa, with the first case in the United State originating in Puerto Rico, and then spreading along the Gulf Coast, down to Florida.

Zika Virus Vaccine

There is no cure currently which makes fighting the Zika Virus difficult, but there are attempts underway. Vaccinations are being developed and tested with the aim of reducing the spread of this virus and increasing immunity against it to prevent large outbreaks.

While this is happening, Bill Gates is also putting time and money into developing mosquitoes that are unable to carry the virus. They are infected with a particular string of bacterium – Wolbachia – which prevents the mosquitoes from being able to develop and pass on the virus to those that it bites, and the few that have been released into the wild have spread this among the other existing mosquitoes.

Zika Facts

The Zika Virus presents itself almost in the same way that flu does. The symptoms can come across as very similar.  While there have not been a large number of reports, Zika has been the cause of death for adults. It can also cause birth defects if contracted by pregnant ladies. Fighting the Zika Virus is a new venture to try and limit the risk of it, and work on ways to try and eradicate it.

It is possible to try and prevent being infected by using things such as pesticides and insect repellents. Zika is spread through, primarily, mosquito bites. Wear suitable clothing too to try and limit them from being able to bite your skin – long sleeves and trousers.

Mosquito Prevention

As mentioned above, trying to prevent mosquitoes can be done by using repellents and ensuring that your body is adequately covered if you have to be outside when they’re active but there are other ways to try and control them.

Mosquitoes can breed in moist places, so keeping your bathroom clean, making sure to dry up any accidental spills. If you find that the problem is already too extreme, you can definitely look into calling Florida Environmental Pest Management.