Bugs in Florida are bad for your property for several important reasons. First of all, many bugs eat plants and foliage, damaging the appearance of well-maintained and landscaped yards. Bugs can also damage the roots of grass, trees, and plants, causing them to wither and in some cases, die. There are also many common bugs in Florida that pose a health hazard, as well as bugs that can invade homes and cause considerable damage. Taking these facts into consideration, it’s easy to see why many Florida homeowners invest in professional exterminator services – to protect their property and peace of mind. 

The Bugs That Invade The Home

Many types of bugs in Florida, including invasive bugs, are active year-round thanks to the tropical climate. Bugs that invade homes are drawn to food sources, shelter, and water, and can survive both indoors and outdoors. It’s not uncommon to experience an invasion of flies or cockroaches, as these common pests are drawn to bathrooms and kitchens. A pest control professional can treat an insect invasion at the source and ensure that your home remains clean and pest free. Other bugs that invade homes include: 

  • Bed bugs
  • Termites
  • Carpenter ants
  • Silverfish bugs 
  • Mosquitos 
  • Spiders 
  • Fleas
  • Millipedes 

termites and treatment

Destruction Of The Home

Termites and carpenter ants are bugs that thrive in Florida and cause a great deal of structural damage to homes. These bugs eat and burrow into wood, and can destroy the foundation of homes in addition to ruining floors, window frames, and ceiling beams. Bed bugs can also cause a great deal of property damage by infesting carpets, walls, couches, furniture, and objects of all kinds. In the case of a bed bug infestation, professional treatment can almost always save your property but tends to be quite expensive. 

A termite or carpenter ant infestation, on the other hand, needs to be caught right away to prevent irreversible damage. A pest control professional will be able to detect signs of termite or bed bug activity, treat it, and take measures to prevent an infestation from happening again. When it comes to pest control, preventative routine treatment is the way to go.  

Being Bitten Is No Fun

There are many kinds of stinging and biting bugs in Florida, including wasps, fire ants, mosquitos, spiders, and ticks. Being bitten is an uncomfortable and often distressing experience that can require medical treatment. Some people are allergic to bug bites, which can cause further health concerns. It’s very important to implement pest control measures to reduce populations of these biting bugs, as some of these bugs are venomous and can infest people’s homes, causing more frequent bites and symptoms such as headaches, swelling, and rashes. 

bed bug bite symptoms

Possible Spread Of Disease

The risk of spreading disease is another reason why bugs are a health hazard. Bugs such as palmettos, roaches, and filth feeders eat sewage and garbage and can spread disease and bacteria including E Coli and salmonella. Other biting bugs such as mosquitos and ticks can spread Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus, and Lyme Disease, which are serious illnesses. Although not all biting bugs transmit disease, it’s always a good idea to use caution and implement safety measures where these bugs are concerned. 


They Ruin Your Lawn

Bugs and pests such as grubs burrow into lawns and eat the root structure of grass and other plants. Over time, a grub infestation can cause patches of your lawn to turn brown and die, and in some cases detach completely from the soil. These grubs are a food source for animals and can draw other unwanted pests to your property. Grub and other pest activity cause thousands of dollars in property damage every year in Florida, which is a good reason to invest in a professional pest control service. Some common bugs in Florida that ruin lawns and ornamental plants include: 


  • Whitefly
  • Cinch bugs 
  • Japanese beetles
  • Mole crickets 
  • Grubs 


pest control treatment


The Battle To Keep Your Trees Healthy

Florida is home to many beautiful species of trees, including bald cypress, banana, fig, citrus, and hornbeam trees. While there are many kinds of harmless bugs that live in trees, there are also quite a few bugs that cause deformities, decay, and other damage to trees. Aphids are one of the most common tree pests that eat the sap from trees, causing tree fungus and discolored leaves. Other pests, such as bark beetles create holes in the bark of trees, making it difficult for the nutrients to travel through the tree structure, and can make trees wither and lose their green foliage over time. Some other common tree pests include: 


  • Emerald Ash Borers
  • Sap eating insects
  • Bagworms
  • Gypsy moths


How We Can Help You

At Florida Environmental, we are pest control professionals with years of experience in West Palm Beach. Thanks to the humidity here in South Florida, bugs like mosquitoes, spiders, beetles, and different types of ants are a constant presence for homeowners. Although you can keep certain types of bugs at bay with insect repellent or other DIY methods, they will keep coming back unless they are treated at the source. If you notice signs of pest activity or are concerned about a pest problem in your home or on your property, contact us today.