Hiring an exterminator to remove cockroaches is not everyone’s favorite experience. Many are left struggling with shame and fear of possible diseases. The process itself can leave one wondering what exactly will happen. Fortunately for you, we are here to answer your questions. 

Why Do I See More Cockroaches After Treatment? 

Depending on the type of spray chemical used, you can find a good number of cockroaches still creeping around corners of your home even after treatment with sprays. This is because frequent spraying of pesticides or insecticides can make cockroaches less susceptible to them.  You might need to add a more potent chemical compound to the mix or change to a different insecticide spray if you continue to see lots of cockroaches after an extermination treatment. 

Another reason is that insecticide spray doesn’t always immediately kill roaches. Sometimes, it takes days before it affects them completely, so you might see more roaches coming out because they are looking for an area of the house less polluted with the chemical. They carry the chemical substance with them and spread it to other cockroaches as they go around other spots.  Eventually, they die off, but it may take two to three days. In this case, all you need to do is monitor the environment for dead cockroaches to see if they died or if you will need to change your treatment solution.

Lastly, extermination treatment affects cockroaches that are only present in the house.  If you treat those roaches for a few days, it is still possible to find more roaches or eggs because cockroaches reproduce quickly, and if your environment is untidy, it can attract even more cockroaches to your home. 

Post-Pest Control Spray Application: Do’s & Don’ts 

In a bid to properly rid your home of pests and insects, you must be very deliberate about safety measures before, during, and after the application process. Here are a few do’s and don’ts you should take note of immediately after spray application:

  • Don’t leave garbage cans or trash open around the area you want exterminated because that will only attract more cockroaches.
  • Don’t immediately wipe out the area exterminated before the spray dries off. A light clean is fine, but give it two to three days before doing a thorough cleaning.  
  • Do fix any pipe or water leakage in any area of your house. Close up every crack or vent to attract more roaches even after spraying.
  • Do inspect your food items and household supplies to ensure they are safe to eat/use. 
  • Do monitor the areas for a few days for sightings of survivors.

How to Clean Cupboards After Pest Control

Cupboards, especially kitchen cupboards, are usually one of the core hideouts for cockroaches in homes. After extermination,  they should be cleaned out to get rid of dead cockroaches and other piled-up garbage in different corners of the cupboard. 

The best way to clean out your cupboard is to open the doors and drawers to remove the odor from the insecticides. Use a washcloth or soft foam to wipe the surfaces and the inner chambers of the cupboard. Scrub the surfaces thoroughly with detergent and pat dry with a towel.

How Soon Can You Mop After Pest Control?

Following a pest control treatment, you should wait for about 24 hours before mopping the house’s floors. Roaches can take some time to disappear completely, and a spray barrier will prevent them from surviving. You can lightly clean the area with towels but do not mop the floor immediately.  Ideally, you do a deep cleaning before carrying out the extermination. Afterward, let the insecticides/pesticides do their work for some time before mopping the floor again completely.

We Have Your Back

Roaches can be quite stubborn to treat because of their high susceptibility to pesticides and insecticides after constant treatment. So the best way to control roach infestation is to prevent them in the first place. Are you planning to get rid of those roaches soon? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.