Ant invasions are very common in many homes in Florida. Among the most common ants, we have pharaoh, carpenter, odorous, sugar ants and black. If you are trying to figure out how to eliminate this problem, identifying the species you are up against is the first step. However, for someone who barely has any expertise and training in entomology, it can difficult to differentiate these tiny insects. Florida Environmental Pest management has over 30 years’ experience and dedicated employees to help you with any pest control issues and any very small ants in Florida homes.

Common Florida Ant Types

Ghost ants: The name ghost ant was attained from its size and its pale color that makes it almost invisible. Ghost ants are about 1.3 to 1.5 mm long and give out a coconut like smell when crushed. These tropical ants have been in central and south Florida for many years. They move from one area to another mostly during shipping in potted plants, household goods and boxes. Ghost ants feed on honeydew that is collected from plant feeding insects.

Sugar ants: Also known as banded sugar ants, these ants are attracted to sweets, pills, stains and any food traces in homes. In terms of their size, they range from 2 to 15 mm. Their colonies can be found in holes in woods, between rocks and around the twigs of trees. In the wild, they live in forests, woodlands and heaths. The mild mannered ants do not sting unless disturbed in which case they bite to defend themselves.

Are You Attracting Very Small Ants in Florida?

Ants are constantly in pursuit of water, food and shelter. They explore every possible place that is accessible through crevices and cracks within several hundred feet. Eliminating the source of food and water is the most recommended way to go about it. This can easily be done by cleaning dirty dishes, mopping and scrubbing your place regularly.

Ant Control

Before attempting any ant control, ensure you know what kind of ant species you are dealing with.  Different ants have different ways of being controlled.  For example, while using baits is effective for eliminating Pharaoh, it is not effective for other ants.  Since very small ants in Florida have a tendency of multiplying very quickly, the best way to go about it generally is by following the ants back to their colony and treating the colony directly.

You can use non-repellent sprays to kill the ants by transfer or contact since they are undetectable.  The ants track the insecticide to the nest and in the process transfers it in the grooming process.

Florida Environmental Pest management has expertise and a vast experience in correctly identifying the very small ants in Florida. We employ professionals who have gone through extensive training to ensure your property and home is safe. As a customer, you can be rest assured that there is no pest control issue that cannot be handled. We stand out because our products are eco-friendly and custom blended specifically for your home.

Alternatively, if you have not had the very small ants in Florida in your home, preventive measures are highly recommended. This can be done by identifying the entry point of ants in your home and taking action before they get out of hand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Do Tiny Ants Come From?

Sometimes, little black ants venture indoors in search of food and moisture; an infestation of these little pests is typically the result of improper food storage practices. Little black ants can be found in the United States. If you have seen these ants inside your house, you may have a larger infestation of ants outside, either in the immediate area or inside.

What Are Very Tiny Black Ants?

Little black ants, also known as Monomorium minimum, are smaller than other species of ants, which is where they get their name. These ants aren’t particularly dangerous, but they are a pain to deal with. They will crawl all over your sandwich without any difficulty at all.

What Are Ghost Ants?

They’re called “ghost ants” because of their light tint and small size, which make it difficult to identify them. A tropical species with a likely African or Asian ancestry,

What Are Signs Of Ant Infestation?

Examining any food left out is the quickest and easiest way to determine whether you are dealing with ants in your home. If you have never dealt with an ant problem before, you might forget that it is crucial to keep your food covered. If there are ants in the area, they will soon find the food that has been left behind and begin to move it.

What Are The Tiny Ants In My House?

The typical household ants infesting your kitchen likely belong to one of these five species of tiny ants: the little black ant, the pharaoh ant, the odorous house ant, or the pavement ant. Argentine ants are also a possibility. The length of a worker ant, the smallest of the five species, averages around one-eighth of an inch.

How Can I Get Rid Of Small Ants Naturally?

In a spray bottle, combine equal parts of water and vinegar to make a solution. Spray it directly on the ants to kill them, then use a paper towel that has been dampened with water to wipe up the dead ants and throw them away. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and water as a repellent; sprinkle this mixture over your doorways, windowsills, and any other entry points where you find ants entering your home.