Pest control in Wellington FL doesn’t start when the critters show up. And lawn maintenance is important for more than just curb appeal. Whether you’re looking to landscape your home or want to create a commercial sports property, we offer an array of sports turfs for a variety of situations.


If you’re a golfer, you’re probably pretty familiar with Bermuda grass. But, no, it isn’t the reason your putting game needs improvement. Bermuda grass is super easy to plant and does great in high-traffic areas. Plus, it’s a perennial, so ongoing maintenance is a breeze.


If you’re looking for a “sturdy” and resilient turf, you may want to look into Bahia. Bahia has an extensive root system, so it’s able to grab onto even the weakest of soils, like sand. Not to mention, it’s very low maintenance without needing water and fertilizer very often.

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Do you have an oceanfront property? Then you want a turf that can handle the moisture and salt. Paspalum can do just that! Plus, it comes in all heights and colors, giving you options for residential areas and even golf courses.


When you opt for a Zoysiagrass, you have options. Empire, Cashmere, Geo, and Diamond are just a few. Maintenance is simple, and it can handle being in high-traffic areas. Not to mention, zoysiagrasses holds well in an array of land, including clay, sand, and rock.


St. Augustine

St. Augustine is yet another type of grass that offers you a variety. This type does great in Florida and does well on well-drained soils so it can handle salt and water.

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From lawn treatment to extermination, Florida Environmental Pest Management covers all areas of maintaining your home and keeping it pest-free. So, if you’re looking for pest control in Wellington FL, contact us today to learn more.