Identifying rodents in your home can be obvious at times, a mouse or rodent problem generally comes with droppings and chew marks around the food storage areas in your home. However, identifying a rodent problem in your attic can be more complicated. You might not notice you have a mice problem until you already have an infestation and they move to other areas of your home outside of the attic. Below are a few ways to determine if mice are living in your attic. If you are in need of pest control in Lake Worth Fl, contact us today!

You Hear Noise Coming from Your Attic

Pay close attention to noises coming from your attic at night. This is when mice are actively scavenging for food and building their nests.

attic-dwelling rodents

Footprints and Other Markings

Take a look around your attic for any chew marks on the walls, floor, or on electrical wires. Also, keep an eye out for footprints around your attic. These are common signs of a rodent issue that you should on the lookout for.


If you suspect your attic has mice, asses the area for any droppings. Mice dropping will generally be found by their nesting areas. If you find droppings in your attic, contact a professional pest control company immediately.

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