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By Pest Control
October 5, 2018

Rodent Removal Boca Raton | Three types of Rats in Florida

Florida is no stranger to rodents, particularly rats. There are predominantly three types of rats that call Florida home: the Norway rat, the roof rat, and the wood rat. Rat infestations are not only a health risk but are also not good for the building they are inhabiting. If you find an infestation, you’ll need to call a service for rodent removal Boca Raton immediately.

The Norway Rat

For the most part, Norway rats are found outside. They will venture inside for food and will feed on everything from meats to grains. Unlike other Florida rats, the Norway rat likes to burrow. They are usually found in basements or crawl spaces and hide during the day. They typically only have a one-year lifespan but female Norway rats can produce over 20 offspring within a year.

The Roof Rat

The roof rat is the most common rat in Florida. They can grow to about eight inches long, are usually black or brown, and have long tails. They are vegetarian for the most part but have been known to eat pretty much anything if it is hungry enough. Female roof rats can produce over 20 offspring in a year and have a life expectancy of up to three years. You will want to get rid of them as soon as possible once discovered.

The Wood Rat

Wood rats are the most uncommon the three on this list and are mostly found in Northern Florida. They can become a real issue because, in addition to eating food and leaving droppings around the house, wood rats are known to steal small items. They are roughly the same size as Norway rats.

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