You might look at pests in your home as an inconvenience. However, they are so much more than that. Unwanted pests come with harmful diseases that could affect you and your family’s health. Below are common pests in your home that could be a threat to the health of your family. If you are in need of pest control in Wellington FL, contact us today!


Not only are roaches disgusting to look at, they also come with a plethora of disease. Cockroaches live in sewers and then make their way into your home, leaving behind harmful bacteria on your countertops and other areas your family uses on a daily basis.


Rats just might be the most dangerous pests of all. These pets carry some of the most dangerous diseases around. A rat in your home can spread a plethora of diseases that could cause issues for your heart, liver, and kidneys.


Mice might look innocent enough, however, these small creatures carry a variety of disease including salmonella or meningitis. Letting a mouse have free range of your home is allowing constant bacteria and disease to be spread around your house.

mouse on cheese


Are You in Need of Pest Control in Wellington Fl?

Do you have harmful pests living in your home? The best way to keep pests away is to hire the professionals for pest control in Wellington FL. Contact Florida Environmental Pest Management to prevent and protect your home from pest infestation. Don’t put your family at risk any longer!