Common Pests In Stuart FL: What To Watch Out For!


Pests are generally dangerous to your health and property. If they are not dropping allergens in your home, they are spreading vector-borne diseases or eating through wood and burrowing your soil. The earlier you find and exterminate these pests, the safer you and your pets can be.

To help you understand the pest dangers in Stuart, Florida and the threats they pose to you and your household, below is a list of the different pests you can find in Stuart and why you should get a professional to rid your home of them.


Mosquitos are known in ancient times to be pests that cause death. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), these pests cause more than one million deaths yearly. Mosquitos are known to spread diseases like Malaria, Dengue fever, and Nile virus. Symptoms of these diseases can last for weeks, even while treatment is going on.


Termites are among the most widespread pests in the united states. They are known to cost Americans more than $5 billion yearly in prevention and repair costs. They destroy wood, painting, foundation, and more. It is recorded that they cause around $40 billion in damage to lumber and agricultural resources each year.

The worst part is that termites build colonies in your home when they find comfort in it and when you begin to see the damage they cause, you’re probably already too late. Get a termite extermination specialist from Florida Environmental to rid your home of adult termites and their eggs.


Cockroaches are not anyone’s favorite–at least not in the United States. Aside from being vectors of many dangerous diseases, they also leave a nasty smell in your home. They are also a source of embarrassment when seen flying around in your home while you have visitors over.

They can be found in dark and dirty places like the trash can, bathroom, and kitchen. They are vectors of Salmonella, Poliomyelitis, and Dysentery, which cause Typhoid, Polio, and Diarrhea, respectively.


Although flies don’t bite or cause notable damage to your property, they are some of the world’s deadliest disease carriers. Flies are mostly found in feces, garbage, rotten food, dead animals, and many more.

After perching on these decaying substances, flies can enter your home and perch on your goods or groceries, infecting you with germs that are the leading cause of most of the world’s illnesses. It is far easier and less expensive to kill flies than to treat the deadly diseases they can infect you with.

Rodents and moles

Like termites, rodents are some of the most destructive pests in America. Rodents like rats and mice are capable of eating wood, books, money, and food. They are as destructive as they are unhealthy to you and your household. Rats, for example, are carriers of diseases like Ebola, Leptospirosis, Salmonella, Lassa fever, and many more.

Moles are another destructive set of pests. Although they only live in your yard, they can cost you a few thousand dollars in repair and maintenance. Moles are burrowing animals that spend most of their life underground. This means they will burrow your lawn, cause patches of dead grass, build mole hills and underground tunnels, and probably cause erosion.

At Florida Environmental, we specialize in ridding homes of these destructive pests and setting preventive measures that stop them from coming back.


What is the most harmful pest?

Mosquitos are considered the most harmful pests because of the number of diseases they carry. Mosquitos are dangerous because they cary different diseases and can make you very sick. Statistics show that these pests can cause major health problems.

What are the causes of pests?

Different things cause different pests. However, some of the most common causes of pests are food sources, a dirty environment, wood, or some uncontrollable situations like seasonal and weather changes and loss of habitat.

What are pests, and how are they harmful?

Pests are tiny animals or organisms that destroy property or negatively affect your health. Common pests in Stuart include mosquitos, rats, mice, moles, fleas, flies, cockroaches, and termites.

How do you control pests?

There are several pest control options, depending on the kind of pest you are dealing with. However, one of the most effective and widespread solutions is to shut down food sources to prevent them from coming into your home. You should also consider calling a pest control expert to help rid your home of all kinds of pests.


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