Florida is home to all walks of wildlife. However, your house shouldn’t be where they make themselves cozy. Gardens, garbage, and garages are easy to access for the likes of raccoons, squirrels, and more. So, if you find yourself in need of pest control in Lake Worth FL, use these tips prevent even more:

Seal Entries

Rodents, raccoons, and more can make their way into your home when it’s left open. Always double check that your garage door, sliding glass doors, and any other form of entry is closed. Before pest control even comes, this can make a huge difference. Some even may want to try putting little bits of hot sauce where rodents make their entry to deter them.

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Use Natural Deterrents

For garden areas, there are a bunch of natural sprays and substances that can ward off wildlife. This is harmless to the animals but tastes nasty, telling them that it isn’t for them to eat.


Bungee Garbage Shut

If you find critters rummaging through your garbage cans, try using a bungee cord to keep the lid shut. This’ll tell them to give up and eventually they may stop coming back.

Contact Wildlife Control

If a problem is persistent, don’t treat it on your own. Instead, call on the professionals to take of it. Wildlife Control knows how to handle wild animals safely.

Are You in Need of Pest Control in Lake Worth FL?

When creepy crawlers and furry foes come knocking on your door, let us help you keep them away. If you’re in need of pest control in Lake Worth FL, contact our experienced team at Florida Environmental Pest Management today.