Mosquitos are present year-round in Florida, thanks to the humid weather. Not only do many kinds of mosquitoes bite, but they are also known to spread disease, which makes them more of a concern than other annoying insects. Many homes in Florida have pools in their backyard, which are an attractive environment for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in, making mosquitoes a nuisance for most homeowners. Keeping mosquitos in check is important for your peace of mind and wellbeing, so be sure to reach out to a pest control professional who can help keep these bloodsuckers under control. 


What Are Mosquitos

Mosquitos are small flying insects that can be carriers of disease. Only female mosquitoes feed on blood, which they require to lay their eggs. Mosquitoes are active day and night and can bite at any time. Not all mosquitoes bite and not all mosquitoes transmit disease, but it’s difficult to tell the different types of mosquitoes apart at a glance. 

The Life Cycle Of A Mosquito

The life cycle of the mosquito begins with a female mosquito laying eggs on water or damp soil. Once the eggs hatch, they become larvae, develop into pupae, and then become full-fledged adults that can fly. Some types of mosquitos have a very short life cycle of 7-11 days, while others can take weeks to fully develop. Because all mosquitoes are attracted to water, a pest control service will be able to inspect your property to see where their eggs are being laid. 

Mosquito Control

The Fear Of Disease

Many people are concerned about mosquitoes and for good reason. Mosquitoes can transmit germs and diseases such as Yellow Fever, malaria, and the West Nile virus. Not all mosquito bites are a cause for concern, but they should be kept clean to prevent infections. 


Some people are allergic to mosquito bites, which is not the same thing as having an infected bite. Some signs of allergic reactions to mosquito bites include painful swelling, hives, fever, and swollen lymph nodes. You can treat mosquito bites by washing them with soap and water, applying an ice pack to reduce swelling, and if necessary, antibiotic ointment. If a bite shows signs of infection such as being warm or painful to the touch, seek medical attention.


The Things That Can Attract Mosquitos

Mosquitoes are attracted to damp and moist environments because mosquito eggs need water to hatch. Any stagnant water on your property, such as a fish pond, ornamental birdbath, pool, old tires, gutters, and other areas or objects where water can collect is a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Florida also has a large number of salt marshes, which are created by tides. These salt marshes are home to the saltmarsh mosquito, which is a troublesome mosquito that can transmit disease. Salt marshes are located near the coast, which means that coastal cities are more affected by saltmarsh mosquitoes than cities located further inland, and require more mosquito control. 

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Mosquito Control Is A Thing

Mosquito control is a necessary public health and safety precaution, especially in a place like Florida. Although mosquito season varies depending on where you live in Florida, seasons with heavy rainfall and warm temperatures are a sure sign that mosquitos will be active, which means that more mosquito control will be required. Mosquito control involves the professional application of pesticides in parks, outdoor spaces, and private property to kill mosquito eggs and keep populations of mosquitoes in check. 


Using an integrative approach, a licensed mosquito control professional will spray chemical pesticides on mosquito eggs along with discarding unnecessary stagnant water on your property. Other mosquito control precautions you can take include making sure that your doors and windows have intact screens, and spilling out excess water from plants such as bromeliads before bringing them inside your home. 


How We Can Help You

At Florida Environmental, we are pest control professionals with years of experience in West Palm Beach. Thanks to the humidity here in South Florida, bugs like mosquitoes are a constant presence for homeowners. Although you can keep mosquitoes at bay with insect repellent or other DIY methods, they will keep coming back unless they are treated at the source. Although it is unlikely that you’ll be able to permanently get rid of all the mosquitoes near your home, routine pest control can reduce the number of mosquitos you encounter. If the mosquitoes on your property are a source of frustration or concern, contact us today.