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By Ethan
calendar-icon December 22, 2021

A Safe Guide To Treat Fire Ants & Home Remedies

An infestation of fire ants can be a nightmare for your family. Unlike other ants, they do not destroy the home. Rather, they attack the residents within the home. Before you set out to kill fire ants that you see on the property, let’s look at what they are and why treating them is so important.

What Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants are medium-sized insects that look like their relatives with one distinct feature, their color. They are often red or red and black which serves as your warning that they will hurt you. When aggravated, they will simultaneously bite and sting you at once. The bite is to hold their victim in place while the stinger injects the venom. What is left is painful swollen areas that can blister. They will attack to protect their fire ant colonies and to eat. They are omnivores and love meats and sweets.

DIY Home Fire Ant Remedies

Once you are certain that you have fire ants in your home, many people want to take care of the issue themselves. Before you grab any bug spray from the store shelf, the answer could be right in your kitchen cabinets.

Dish Soap

This is a popular treatment for all sorts of ants as the dish soap will drown the ants. Mix one part dish soap with two parts water and mix well. You can spray the ants with the concoction or leave it in a shallow dish on the counter with a bit of sugar.

White Vinegar And Water

This can be used to kill fire ants or to dissuade them from your home. Mix equal parts into a spray bottle and use it when you see the ants in your home or on the property. It is also a wonderful cleaning agent that fire ants will avoid at all costs.

household remedies

Essential Oil Remedies

Oils are a perfect addition to treatment as a repellant. Ants of all kinds do not like oils as some are toxic. Other oils remove their scent so that scout ants cannot find their trail back. These oils won’t necessarily kill fire ants but they will keep an infestation at bay. The following oils are the most popular when used as a deterrent.

  1. Peppermint oil
  2. Lemon oil
  3. Lavender oil
  4. Cedar oil

Other Common Household Remedies

When you want to safely remove fire ants from your home, there are simple ingredients that you use in everyday meals that can be a popular option

  1. Cayenne pepper – mix with equal parts water and pour onto fire ant mounds.
  2. Cinnamon – cinnamon oil is a far better option than powder or sticks.
  3. Lemon peels – soak in water to release the oils and pour onto the fire ant colonies

Precautionary Measures

The best way to keep your home fire ant-free is to take all precautions necessary. Even if you are currently experiencing an infestation, you can adopt these habits to minimize the effects while you get professional help.

Keep Surfaces Clean

Always keep your surfaces clean. Any drinks that are spilled should be wiped up immediately. Any sugars present in spilled substances are very attractive to a fire ant. This also means keeping your sinks wiped clean from leftover food substances.

Seal Food In Containers

Leaving food out is a major no-no when it comes to deterring ants. Make sure all food is sealed tightly in a container so that the fire ants do not catch their scent.

Leave Out Fire Ant Bait

The moment you see one fire ant, there will be more on the way. Keeping fire ant baits on hand is a good way to combat the issue the moment you have a sign. It can be one of the eco-friendly options we mentioned before or buying traps from the store.

Hire Professionals To Treat Fire Ant Mounds

The ultimate solution to your fire ant problem is hiring our pest specialists. When you have routine maintenance done on the home, our team will keep an eye out for signs of fire ant colonies on your property. We will make sure that they are taken care of long before any fire ant enters the home.

Are Fire Ants Dangerous?

Fire ants pose a problem to humans and pets because of their stingers. When you are bitten, you will feel intense stinging pain and followed by swelling of the area. A blister usually appears and looks like a pimple but is accompanied by itching. Most fire ant bites go away on their own without treatment. However, some people are allergic to venom and have different reactions. Seek medical assistance if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • trouble breathing
  • dizziness
  • confusion/disorientation
  • swelling in the mouth and/or throat
  • loss of consciousness

Fire ants love South Florida and that is where we come in to help. Don’t kill fire ants on your own, let us come and take care of the problem for you.

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