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By Pest Control
April 7, 2017

Your Home Owners Guide to Common Florida Spiders

Spiders can live everywhere from piles of wood outside of your house to the attic or crawlspace in your home. It is important to have a pest control specialist inspect your living space and surroundings areas for common Florida spiders. Here are a few of the types of spiders most commonly found in Florida and how Florida Environmental Pest Management can help you prevent them.

Huntsman Spider

The huntsman spider is found often on bananas, which has earned its nickname the banana spider. This species is on the list of common Florida spiders since they thrive off warm environments.

These spiders usually have a body about one inch in length and can be found in greenhouses and heated buildings where they like to hide from humans. These shy spiders look dangerous, and have a painful bite, but are not poisonous.

Look for the huntsman spider’s hairy legs which tend to be between three and five inches long and brown in coloring. Many times, they can be confused for poisonous species like the brown recluse or the armed spider of Brazil.

To be sure you are dealing with a huntsman spider or spiders, contact Florida Environmental Pest Management to have an expert assess your personal situation.

Ant Mimic Spider – Castianeira longipalpa

This species of spider is mainly found outdoors in leaf piles and under logs. They occasionally wander indoors and enjoy hunting both during the day and at night. These spiders move in an ant-like fashion, which is where their nickname, “ant mimic” comes from.

These spiders are smaller in size, usually less than an inch. Ant mimic spiders look very similar to an ant and use this to their advantage. These common Florida spiders pretend to be ants to defend themselves against predators.

If you find one of these in your home there is sure to be more. Females lay eggs generally in the fall or summer. Be on the lookout for these harmless, but annoying arachnids in areas of your house that attract moisture.

It can be hard to realize these are spiders instead of ants at first, but regardless it is always best to let a professional handle the problem. If you are seeing more and more spiders in your home call Florida Environmental Pest Management immediately.

Black Widow Spider – Latrodectus mactans

Another of the common Florida spiders are black widows. These well-known and poisonous spiders can cause many problems if not treated. They are poisonous to humans, but also a very shy species.

These poisonous arachnids feed at night exclusively and rest during the day. They are easily identified by the red hour glass shaped marking on the bottom of their abdomens. Black widows can be found in homes and pose a threat to inhabitants especially with children who may be more likely to be bitten.

Keep your hands and other body parts visible at all times to avoid a sneak attack by a black widow. These spiders are normally shy to human interaction and will generally only bite when they feel threatened.

Black widows will need to be exterminated as quickly as possible to avoid any danger to your family. Do not try to handle these spiders. Get professional help even if you only see one of them in your home.

Spider Control

The best way to avoid a spider problem is to take preemptive actions. Most spiders feed off insects, so keeping your insect population in and around your home low is a good idea.

When dealing with spiders they often leave evidence, their webs, in corners and ceilings. Most spiders that gain access to homes do so through broken screen doors and gaps in windows or doorways. Another hot spot for spider activity is unused items such as clothing, boxes, and papers.

Make sure to clear your home of items that are not used frequently to keep spider housing options minimal. Always check windows and doors for gaps in weather stripping and broken screens.

Once you have vacuumed all the cobwebs and made sure your house is secure from gaps for spiders to crawl through call a professional. Florida Environmental Pest Management has staff trained in all of the most common Florida spiders and will be able to identify and cure your spider problem.

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