Ants, roaches, termites, mice; there’s a good chance that your home could become infested with one of these – or any other – type of pest at one time or another. Upon finding out that you do, in fact, have a pest infestation, your first concern is to eradicate them by any means possible. However, the method that is used to treat an infestation could be detrimental to your health and hazardous to the earth. Florida Environmental Pest Management advises that natural pest control is a much better option.

Natural Pest Control Solutions

Instead of using toxic substances to treat pests, there are a number of natural pest control solutions that can effectively treat an infestation. Not only are these options safe for your health, but they are far better for the planet, too. Some of the most popular natural pest control treatment methods include traps and lures, barriers and repellents, biopesticides, plants and even safe household products that you may already have in your kitchen or bathroom. The goal of these natural treatments is to eradicate pests safely, without harming people, animals or the environment. These methods have proven to be successful for eliminating pests, without impacting other living beings or the planet.

Biological Pesticides

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, biological pesticides, also known as biopesticides, are pesticides that are procured from naturally occurring elements, such as animals, plants, bacteria and minerals. There are a number of benefits that biopesticides provide. For example, they are considered much less toxic for people and animals than conventional forms of pesticides; they usually only impact the pest they are targeted to repel; they are highly effective in low quantities, and of course, they are far better for the environment.

Eco-Friendly Baiting

Eco-friendly baiting refers to using products that are friendly to the environment and that are specifically effective for exterminating or repelling only the pest they are intended; in other words, these baits do not impact other living beings or the environment. With eco-friendly baiting, a non-toxic substance is thoughtfully placed in an area where the pest that it being treated is known to visit. The bait is eaten and picked up by the specific pest, and it is passed onto pests of the same type. The results of eco-friendly baiting are effective for eliminating pests, while not impacting other living beings or the environment.

Natural Home Pest Control Services

If you are looking for safe and effective natural pest control in South Florida, look no further than Florida Environmental Pest Management. Specializing in eco-friendly pest control solutions, this company offers effective treatment options for all types of pests. They will fully inspect your premises, identify the pest problem, as well as the location(s) that need to be treated. They will then device the most effective eco-friendly pest control plan for your specific needs. Florida Environmental Pest Management has effectively helped treat pest problems for countless people throughout South Florida, and will be happy to solve your problem, too.