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By Pest Control
April 17, 2018

Pest Control in Wellington FL | How Do Mosquitoes Get Inside?

The warm weather and family fun make us love summer. But, the mosquitoes that come with it makes pest control in Wellington FL absolutely necessary. Without it, mosquitoes can make their way into your home, making themselves a major nuisance. Here’s why they may be attracted to your house:

Open Windows and Doors

A breeze of fresh air is nice. But, after a quick summer storm, opening the windows and doors isn’t ideal. More mosquitoes are present, making it more likely for them to make your house their home.

Attracted to Light

Just like other pests, some species of mosquitoes are attracted to light. So, while mosquitoes don’t openly search out a way to get into your home, some light may bring them in. Sealing up holes and ways for mosquitoes to get into your home can help immensely when used in conjunction with pest control.

Can pest control in Wellington keep mosquitos out of my home?

Plant Attraction

Certain plants are breeding grounds for mosquitos. When you keep these near doorways or actually in your home, you’re simply making it cozy for them to settle in. Always do your research before planting.

Water Features

Standing water and murky water can also attract mosquitoes. They love damp and warm places. So, if you have a water feature, be sure to treat it properly to keep mosquitoes and other insects away from your home.

Are You in Need of Pest Control in Wellington FL?

Don’t let pests control your home! If you’ve found mosquitoes or other insects in your home, call on us for pest control in Wellington FL. Simply contact us and we’ll strategize for an effective plan of action.

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