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By Pest Control
June 11, 2018

Mosquito Control in West Palm Beach | Keep Mosquitos Out of Your Home

Summertime in South Florida offers a variety of fun activities for you and your family. However, it also means humidity and lots of mosquitos. Whether they are inside or out of your home, mosquitos are a nuisance for your home and comfort. Here are some simple ways to keep mosquitos out of your home and get mosquito control in West Palm Beach.

Seal Doors and Windows

People unknowingly invite mosquitos and pests into their home. Leaving doors and windows even slightly open can bring in mosquitos that can easily make a home inside your house. To prevent this, make sure the seals on your windows and doors are tight and secure. If you enjoy a fresh breeze, fit a screen to the window or door to keep mosquitos out.

Where can I find the best mosquito control in West Palm beach?

Stay Covered

Our uncovered skin is the best breeding ground for mosquitos. With blood, a female mosquito can lay a hundred eggs to grow and create a new problem. Keeping your body covered with either long sleeves or a spray can bring the egg count down to just 10 per female. By staying covered, you make a big difference in the number of mosquitos in your home.

Eliminate Breeding Crowds

Mosquitos need water to live. Stagnant fresh water, such as puddles, are breeding grounds for these pests. To keep them away, clean up all water spills in your home as they occur. Additionally, ensure that items that catch water outside are turned over and emptied out after a rain fall.

Prevent Pests with Mosquito Control in West Palm Beach

The best way to keep pests out of your home is to prevent them with mosquito control in West Palm Beach. Contact Florida Environmental Pest Management to keep mosquitos out of your home so you can enjoy the summer.

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