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Sports Turf Specialist

Florida Environmental is leading the industry as sports turf specialists West Palm Beach. They offer quality lawn service turf programs for Zoysia, Paspalum and Bermuda lawns, to name a few. These grasses are very demanding and take very specific types of care. Whether it be your own personal home or a football field of turf, Florida Environmental Pest Management’s premier lawn services will ensure that your property is the best looking one around! Types of Turfs: lawn services | 561-412-4784 |Florida Environmental Pest Management -Zoysia: This turf has many different types within it’s family. Empire and Diamond being some of the more popular grasses. -Paspalum:  This is very similar to zoysia turf in that it is very salt tolerant, and so, is used regularly on ocean front properties. -Bermuda: 419 and Celebration Bermuda are your most common types. These grasses are very common on sporting fields. -St. Augustine: Very popular grass in South Florida. It is a little easier to maintain than the grasses listed above. -Bahia: This grass is used along a lot of roadways. It is very resilient.